Where can I go for good reviews on Android phones?

Episode 1184 (19:54)

Michael from Orange, CA

Michael is looking for a new phone but he really doesn't know if he can trust the reviews. Leo says that the mobile phone is a personal choice, and it's hard to give a blanket review of what phone is best. It largely comes down to what he's looking for. Leo says he hasn't really tried many of the phones Michael is looking at because they are the basic, low cost phones, not the flagship phones. But since Michael doesn't need or want to spend much, and he just wants a basic phone that does a bit of internet access, there are plenty out there.

Leo recommends Googling phones and looking at the results. Anandtech does great, in-depth reviews. He'll see plenty of user reviews online too. But everyone has agendas, so he has to read reviews with a critical eye. Amazon has a large wireless section and the user reviews are more useful than the magazine reviews.