What's the best resolution and file format for scanning images?

Episode 1184 (57:18)

Marty from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Marty is conflicted over whether to scan to the TIFF file format or not. What's the best setting to do scans of images and documents? Leo says that there are two basic categories of image format: Lossless (every bit of data) or Lossy (compressed). TIFF is ideal as a lossless format, as are Bitmaps and PNGs (but compressed). JPEGs and GIFs are compressed or lossy. If he wants to future proof his scans, then lossless TIFF is still the king. Bitmap and PNG will also be around for awhile, though. Image formats will be supported for a long time.

What resolution should Marty scan in? Leo says to scan as high as he can without overscanning. 600 dpi is sufficient.

As a rule, TIFF should be used for print, PNG for Web, and Adobe DNG for digital photos.