What laptop should I get my son for college?

Episode 1184 (2:21:41)

Jerae from Los Angeles, CA
Dell XPS 13

Jerae's son is going away to college and his major is computer science. She wants to get him a computer. But he's on Windows, not Mac. Leo says that in college computer science, most use Macs because the heart of OS X is BSD Unix. So getting a Mac is definitely the way to go for computer science. But there's no reason to not get a Windows machine. Leo likes the new Dell XPS 13. It's thin, light, and has excellent battery life.

She should get him some external speakers so that it can be his entertainment center as well. Leo advises calling the college and talking to them about their recommendations. They may even have a discount through the college book store. Also, if he's a gamer, then a Windows machine is the way to go. And chances are, he'll be putting Linux on it anyway. Then again, the Mac can run Windows as well.