How can I learn how to code?

Episode 1184 (1:58:25)

Zachary from Phelan, CA

Zachary wants to get started writing code and he doesn't know how to get started. Leo says that it's a great skill to have growing up since everything is heading that way. Even if he doesn't become a professional programmer, it's really useful and fun from a hobby perspective. Leo still writes code. Leo says the best way to start isn't learning a language he can get a job with because chances are, it won't be in use in five years. Languages are very "fad-ish."

Leo says there's great apps like Tynker for iPad that can teach him how to program in a fun way. On the desktop, there's Scratch. It'll not only teach him how to code, but code with good habits. It's very popular in middle school and high school. has free online courses, but they tend to teach more stylish languages like Javascript. He should talk to his school to see if they teach programming as part of their math curriculum. He should also check out, where they teach how to use coding with Algebra.