How can I improve my smartphone images?

Episode 1184 (1:30:27)

Art from Santa Ana, CA
Samsung Galaxy S5

Art upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and he can't select a smaller image to send via text or email anymore. Leo says that he always sets images to the highest resolution, bandwidth be darned. But if he's texting them, he doesn't want to send gigantic images anyway. Art should look into his camera settings to see what the lowest image setting is. Better yet, try another camera app. There's plenty of them out there, like the Google camera, which he can probably get a lower resolution setting in.

How can he compensate against backlight? Leo says cameras have auto exposure settings which are based on an average light level. Pros use fill flashes to prevent the subject from being silhouetted against a bright backlight. So Art should turn on the flash manually and try that. There's also again, third party camera apps that allow him to adjust the shutter speed and exposure settings. Ideally though, Art should just turn his subject around to where the light is hitting their face, not the camera.

The chatroom says that the S5 has auto features like low light detection which may be automatically causing this. He should try going full manual. Check out Camera FV-5 Lite, which has manual features and exposure compensation.