How can I improve my cell phone signal?

Episode 1184 (41:21)

George from Santa Monica, CA

George got a Samsung Galaxy phone and he's having issues with coverage in his area. Verizon sent him a FemToCell to create a cell site through the Internet, but he's still getting dropped calls. He went back to his flip phone and it works just fine. Leo says that pinpoints the problem -- it's the antenna on the Galaxy phone. He can get an antenna system, but the FemToCell is the best possible solution because it turns his cellphone into a VOiP phone.

Another option would be to change his wireless carrier. He'll need to check the coverage maps to see what carriers are stronger in his area. And the carriers will take a phone back if it doesn't work after a few days or weeks. Leo says that Verizon has gone down hill a bit, while T-Mobile is great. AT&T is pretty good as well.

OpenSignal compares coverage maps and shows dead zones here -