What inexpensive computers should I get for my granddaughters in high school?

Episode 1183 (1:54:15)

Charlotte from San Diego, CA
Samsung Chromebook 2

Charlotte needs to find laptops for each of her twin granddaughters to use in high school. She uses Macs, but they can't afford that. She's doing a ton of research, but she's having trouble figuring out what to do. Leo recommends a Google Chromebook for school work. They're very inexpensive, and they don't get viruses. And if one gets lost or damaged, it won't be the end of the world.

She could also get an HP Stream. It's under $300, and is a Windows based laptop, but Leo doesn't think it's as good of a solution as a Chromebook. Charlotte says they do need to submit assignments through Microsoft Office, and Leo says there is an online version of Office that should work just fine for it on the Chromebook.

Leo suggests looking for a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM. Asus and Acer make good Chromebooks. Charlotte should also consider the Samsung Chromebook 2. Leo recommends getting it on Amazon.