What cell phone should I buy?

Episode 1183 (1:26:26)

Dennis from Las Vegas, NV

Dennis has a really old dial telephone that he still uses and needs to upgrade to a new phone. Leo says don't! It's so old that it's new again. Leo bought one and converted it to a cell phone. But Dennis needs to move to a cell phone anyway. He doesn't want to spend a lot, though. Leo says that if he's willing to sign up for two years, he can get a free phone. The real cost is in the data plan.

Dennis could probably still get a "feature phone." He should look in the coverage maps for his area. Sprint is big in Vegas, as is T-Mobile. WalMart's Straight Talk service is very affordable. Dennis is wondering if they still charge for both incoming and outgoing calls. Leo says yes, minutes are minutes. Dennis says that he gets a lot of telemarketer and spam calls, and doesn't want to have to pay for those minutes. Leo suggests getting his phone number onto the DoNotCall.Gov registry. He can't stop the outlaws, but he should do it anyway.