Should I replace Time Machine with Super Duper?

Episode 1183 (20:09)

Neil from Phoenix, AZ
Hard Drive

Neil bought the Apple Watch to go along with his new MacBook Pro. He likes that he can pay for his Starbucks coffee with it via Apple Pay. Leo says that while that's cool, it really doesn't save much time because he'd still have to respond to all the prompts about cash back, charge or debit, etc. He may as well pay cash.

Neil has been using Super Duper, but he's not sure about how it works with Time Machine. Should he replace Time Machine? Leo says no. Let it work in concert with it. Super Duper predates Time Machine and as he changes files with it in Time Machine, he can go back in time to an earlier version. But that's only one leg of a backup. Super Duper will allow him to create a bootable backup, so if his hard drive goes down, he can boot to his backup drive. It really is the ideal compliment to Time Machine.