Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1183 (25:51)

John from New York calls in to ask Scott a Home Theater question - John has a Samsung Plasma HDTV that's starting to get horizontal lines and was told that to avoid replacing it, if he can replace the "Y axis" board to repair it. Thoughts? Scott says that it could be some sort of driver circuitry and it begs the question ... should you repair it or replace it with an LED TV. The rule of thumb is to keep replacement parts for up to 7 years, so there may be parts available for at least the next few months. It will be out of warranty and could cost as much as an LED TV, but Plasma is a superior technology and it could still be worth repairing. But opening up your TV isn't for the faint of heart, and a TV has capacitors that are charged and could hurt yourself. So you have to know what you're doing. Check out this thread -

Scott also says to check AVSForums for threads on fixing it. Valuable resource.