Boeing's New 787 Airline Requires a Reboot Every 248 Days

Episode 1183 (02:37)

Discovering a flaw in the computerized electrical system, Boeing has announced that their new 787 Dreamliner must be rebooted every 248 days or face a catastrophic failure that could cause the plane to crash. The flaw is wrapped around it's 32 bit operating system that can reset it's values to zero after a set time, causing the electrical system to simply shut off, which could cause the plane to fall from the sky. So until they can write a software patch to repair it, Boeing is just telling airlines to reboot their planes every 248 days. And it's rather frightening just how computer dependent airlines have become and how a simple software bug could have terrible consequences.

In related news, the FAA has announced they have finally completed their upgrading and modernizing their air traffic control system with computers that can expand their coverage of the air routes. The system has over 2 million lines of code and that could be frightening when it comes to potential bugs we don't even know about. Then again, it's simpler than Facebook which has over 20 million lines of code and over 50 million in Windows.

American Airlines announced that they had to ground their flights the other day due to a bug in their iPads, which caused all of them to crash, prohibiting flights from taking off.