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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil bought the Apple Watch to go along with his new MacBook Pro. He likes that he can pay for his Starbucks coffee with it via Apple Pay. Leo says that while that's cool, it really doesn't save much time because he'd still have to respond to all the prompts about cash back, charge or debit, etc. He may as well pay cash.

Neil has been using Super Duper, but he's not sure about how it works with Time Machine. Should he replace Time Machine? Leo says no. Let it work in concert with it. Super Duper predates Time Machine and as he changes files with it in Time Machine, he can go back in time to an earlier version. But that's only one leg of a backup. Super Duper will allow him to create a bootable backup, so if his hard drive goes down, he can boot to his backup drive. It really is the ideal compliment to Time Machine.

Watch Troy from Morton, WA Comments

Troy has been trying out Windows 10 on his iMac and he really likes it. He's wondering if he can dump OS X completely and just run Windows through Boot Camp. Leo's been running it virtually and he says that's the best way to run it. Boot Camp just provides drivers to run Windows on the Mac. Troy could in theory delete the Mac partition, but Leo recommends keeping it because it'll update the drivers. He can make the partition smaller, though. If he's only going to get Windows, Leo suggests a Windows PC.

Watch John from West LA, CA Comments

John recently bought a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and uses it in his motor home. He wants to know the best way to edit that footage. Leo says that Microsoft has a free movie editor called Windows Movie Maker. It's OK, but not great and rather limited. GoPro has GoPro Studio that is also free as well.

Leo likes Adobe Premiere Elements, which for under $100, has about 80% of the features as Premiere Pro. That's what Leo would recommend. Sony Movie Studio also has a lite version that's pretty good.

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Watch Bob from Seattle, WA Comments

Bob downloaded the preview copy of Windows 10 and he's not sure why he even needs "apps" at all. Most of the things he does he can do with the web app. He also uses his iPad for anything he needs apps for. Leo says this is why Microsoft felt pressured to change Windows to be more tablet centric, and it cost them. They didn't want to abandon desktop users and leave them behind, so they created a hybrid OS for both desktop and tablets with Windows 8, and people hated it.

Windows 10 is their attempt to fix that by using the OS to sense if there's a keyboard. And if there isn't one, it goes into tablet mode, if there is, it goes into desktop mode. It's a positive change, but Leo says it's still confusing. But Microsoft is committed to it.

Watch Dennis from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Dennis has a really old dial telephone that he still uses and needs to upgrade to a new phone. Leo says don't! It's so old that it's new again. Leo bought one and converted it to a cell phone. But Dennis needs to move to a cell phone anyway. He doesn't want to spend a lot, though. Leo says that if he's willing to sign up for two years, he can get a free phone. The real cost is in the data plan.

Dennis could probably still get a "feature phone." He should look in the coverage maps for his area. Sprint is big in Vegas, as is T-Mobile. WalMart's Straight Talk service is very affordable. Dennis is wondering if they still charge for both incoming and outgoing calls. Leo says yes, minutes are minutes. Dennis says that he gets a lot of telemarketer and spam calls, and doesn't want to have to pay for those minutes. Leo suggests getting his phone number onto the DoNotCall.Gov registry. He can't stop the outlaws, but he should do it anyway.

Watch Fakhar from Islamabad, Pakistan Comments

Fakhar is having issues with iPhoto. Leo says that Apple has replaced iPhoto with Photos in OS X Yosemite. Fakhar says that happened to him and he lost a lot of features and slide shows. Leo says that many of the features that iPhoto had are missing, while some are still there but aren't as apparent. Apple has written it from the ground up and will likely re-add those missing features as time goes on. Face recognition is still there, but it's harder to locate within albums. Leo advises patience. Unfortunately, that's the world of Apple. It's their way or the highway.

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Watch Bob from Yucatan, Mexico Comments

Bob is moving to Yucatan and he says that internet access really isn't all that great. Can he combine both Wi-Fi and cellular into one master service? Leo says that's called modem bonding and it requires a very smart infrastructure from end to end. Generally, he can get it from one ISP that handles it all from the back end. It's a challenge, however. Satellite may be a better choice, although latency will be an issue.

Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter wants to know if all the images that he uploads to Google Plus will stay there if he deletes the Google Plus app. Leo says yes, they will stay there. It only deletes the data stored on the iPhone (i.e. cookies, etc). Google Plus is a great way to back up photos, as is Microsoft's OneDrive. With OneDrive, if he wants Microsoft Office, he'll have unlimited storage.

Watch David from New York, NY Comments

David listens to podcasts and he likes to listen to them everywhere. But he's noticed that they're a serious battery killer, even though he has autosync or screen refresh off. Leo likes DoggCatcher. That may be a better option, but he's not sure if it's better on battery life or not.

Podcast apps may also be constantly checking for feeds. Pocket Casts will sync across multiple devices so he can listen wherever. If he's streaming rather than caching them and listening to them locally, that could kill his battery more than just downloading them first. If he downloads the podcasts on Wi-Fi, it'll be easier on his data plan too.

Watch Charlotte from San Diego, CA Comments

Charlotte needs to find laptops for each of her twin granddaughters to use in high school. She uses Macs, but they can't afford that. She's doing a ton of research, but she's having trouble figuring out what to do. Leo recommends a Google Chromebook for school work. They're very inexpensive, and they don't get viruses. And if one gets lost or damaged, it won't be the end of the world.

She could also get an HP Stream. It's under $300, and is a Windows based laptop, but Leo doesn't think it's as good of a solution as a Chromebook. Charlotte says they do need to submit assignments through Microsoft Office, and Leo says there is an online version of Office that should work just fine for it on the Chromebook.

Leo suggests looking for a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM. Asus and Acer make good Chromebooks. Charlotte should also consider the Samsung Chromebook 2. Leo recommends getting it on Amazon.

Watch Clarence from Norway, MI Comments

Clarence has been using Apple Pay and he says more locations are refusing to accept it. Leo says that the problem with Apple Pay is that the merchant doesn't get any information about the customer, just the money transfer. And that information has real value to them. Walmart created a coalition of vendors that shares information about consumers and more businesses are using it for that reason, but it's a terrible solution that takes longer to use.

Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

What's the best website to learn Photoshop? Leo says that is the best he knows of, but they are a sponsor. Leo also says that Adobe has plenty of tutorials through Creative Cloud, and there's plenty of good books. But for well produced tutorial videos, Lynda is Mark's best bet. It's about $30 a month.

YouTube and Apple's iTunes U are other options.

Watch Maria from Riverside, CA Comments

Maria is looking to buy a used MacBook on Craigslist. Leo says that it's risky to buy other people's used computers because she'll be buying other people's problems. Additionally, Craigslist is the home of scammers. It can even be dangerous. Leo advises going to Apple and looking at their refurbished products. She can save a few hundred that way and she'll still get the warranty to boot. A MacBook Air is affordable, thin, and very powerful. The 13" MacBook Air is Maria's best option.