Why are my SD cards corrupting with my Samsung Galaxy S4?

Episode 1182 (27:37)

Jeff from Richmond, VA
Samsung Galaxy S4

Jeff has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and he's having issues with his microSD cards, where his images have disappeared. He's looked online and it sounds like it's a widespread issue. He tried to download them from his computer, but it wants to format the card. Leo says that it sounds like the SD card is corrupted. Leo has never had the issue. But with millions of phones made, they're bound to have a certain small percentage of users who have any particular issue.

SD cards can corrupt over time. The Galaxy S6 doesn't have an SD card slot, which is how Samsung has addressed the issue, much like Apple by offering phones with more storage. Leo also thinks that the operating system seems to be happier without having to access a secondary drive. Leo says that the Galaxy S6 is a great phone. His current favorite. He'd prefer more battery life though, because he's only getting about 10 hours.