What home theater system should I buy?

Episode 1182 (1:53:33)

Emily from Orange County, CA
Pioneer Andrew Jones sound bar

Emily has a new LG 55" HD TV but the sound isn't so good. What are her options for an affordable home theater option? Leo says that TV speakers are more of an afterthought because they have to have them. But TV makers expect people to buy a home theater system.

Home Theater in the Box (HTIB) systems aren't bad, but they range wildly in quality. Emily will want Dolby 5.1 surround and an HTIB will provide that. Leo says sound bars are also a good option because they are simpler, but they still need a subwoofer. Pioneer's Andrew Jones SP-SW23W Sound Bar is ideal and Scott Wilkinson recommends it.

Emily also wants to know about wireless headphones. Leo says the Sennheiser RF120 work great. They use RF wireless technology.