Do I need antivirus software for Windows 8?

Episode 1182 (47:22)

James from Fullerton, CA

James has a Sony Vaio with Windows 8 and wants to know if he needs antivirus software. Leo says no. Windows 8 has its own security and antivirus, called Microsoft Defender (or Security Essentials for older Windows programs) that works really well. He can turn up the security in Internet Explorer, but Leo recommends using Google Chrome which is far more secure. Leo also recommends turning on automatic updates. James should also be using a router rather than directly connecting to the modem. But all the security in the world cannot protect the user from their own behavior.

James is wondering about the antivirus that comes pre-installed on the computer. Leo says that those are unnecessary and are put on the computer as a money maker for the manufacturer. It could even come in conflict with the antivirus that comes in Windows natively.