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Watch Juliette from Fullerton, CA Comments

Juliette wonders if you can create a cellphone megaphone app that can turn a cellphone into a megaphone. Leo says that's an interesting idea. There are third party add on hardware options that could do that. There are a few megaphone apps already available, like Megaphone, Megaphone FREE and this megaphone app in the Google Play app store. But she may run into feedback issues. It could require a third party add on like a bluetooth speaker.

Watch Jeff from Richmond, VA Comments

Jeff has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and he's having issues with his microSD cards, where his images have disappeared. He's looked online and it sounds like it's a widespread issue. He tried to download them from his computer, but it wants to format the card. Leo says that it sounds like the SD card is corrupted. Leo has never had the issue. But with millions of phones made, they're bound to have a certain small percentage of users who have any particular issue.

SD cards can corrupt over time. The Galaxy S6 doesn't have an SD card slot, which is how Samsung has addressed the issue, much like Apple by offering phones with more storage. Leo also thinks that the operating system seems to be happier without having to access a secondary drive. Leo says that the Galaxy S6 is a great phone. His current favorite. He'd prefer more battery life though, because he's only getting about 10 hours.

Watch Rick from Escondido, CA Comments

Rick recently upgraded to the iPhone 6. He set it up just like the iPhone 4s he used to have and his data usage has skyrockted, even though he's using it exactly the same. Leo says that there was an issue where handing off from LTE to Wi-Fi occured, but Apple fixed that. It's more likely there are apps that are causing it, like Facebook which has autoplay on movies set by default. That can easily cause it. Also, with faster speeds, apps like YouTube will automatically bump up the quality, and use more data.

Leo advises going into the settings and disable cellular data for all the apps that he doesn't need it for. There's also a feature in iOS that will show him what apps and services are using the most data.

Watch James from Fullerton, CA Comments

James has a Sony Vaio with Windows 8 and wants to know if he needs antivirus software. Leo says no. Windows 8 has its own security and antivirus, called Microsoft Defender (or Security Essentials for older Windows programs) that works really well. He can turn up the security in Internet Explorer, but Leo recommends using Google Chrome which is far more secure. Leo also recommends turning on automatic updates. James should also be using a router rather than directly connecting to the modem. But all the security in the world cannot protect the user from their own behavior.

James is wondering about the antivirus that comes pre-installed on the computer. Leo says that those are unnecessary and are put on the computer as a money maker for the manufacturer. It could even come in conflict with the antivirus that comes in Windows natively.

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Watch Rick from Torrance, CA Comments

Rick has several iMacs and wants to be able to work between them, but he's concerned with multiple logins and iCloud accounts. Leo says it's a mess that Apple has created because they don't know how to merge iCloud accounts. He can share it with family sharing, but then he can't keep his own data separately. The answer is to have an iCloud account that is associated with only his login. That makes the data isolated and safe.

One benefit of iCloud Drive in Yosemite is that it's useful for photos since it's intelligent. It keeps the originals and then puts a size appropriate version of each photo on other devices.

Watch Star from Lomita, CA Comments

Star just bought a Westinghouse LCD TV and a basic antenna setup. She's not getting many channels. Leo says it may be too distant for a tabletop square antenna. A roof antenna may be the way to go.

Star should check out or to see what stations she can get based on her location.

Watch Logan from Knoxville, TX Comments

Logan has to create a long range wireless access point that will enable him to have broadband from up to 10 miles away. Leo says that's a long way for Wi-Fi, even for line of sight, which will help a lot.

Leo suggests checking out, they make long range Wi-Fi antennas. He'll need a highly directional antenna, and maybe even microwave antennas, because Wi-Fi may not be the best idea for such a long distance.

The chatroom suggests, AirFiber, and Yagi Antennas.

Watch Steve from Tacoma, WA Comments

Steve is going to be streaming video and playing video games online. How fast does his internet connection need to be? Leo says that Netflix has an ISP Speed Index to let him know what he'll need and where he can get it. They also offer recommendations about speed here. 10 Mbps should be sufficient, and 25Mbps would be better yet. He can even use that to Skype with his parents. Steve should always remember that published limits are best speeds, not average speed.

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Watch Chris from Camarillo, CA Comments

Chris hard drive is dead and he needs to get the data off it. Leo says that you can go to Drive Savers, they take apart the drive in a clean room and can then rebuild it so you can get the data off, but it's VERY expensive. Leo says that's why you need to backup all the time. Because hard drives can, and will crash. But a good computer geek may be able to coax that hard drive back to life long enough to get the data off if there's a soft failure. But it's a hardware issue, like a bad circuit board, DriveSavers is your only hope.

Watch Emily from Orange County, CA Comments

Emily has a new LG 55" HD TV but the sound isn't so good. What are her options for an affordable home theater option? Leo says that TV speakers are more of an afterthought because they have to have them. But TV makers expect people to buy a home theater system.

Home Theater in the Box (HTIB) systems aren't bad, but they range wildly in quality. Emily will want Dolby 5.1 surround and an HTIB will provide that. Leo says sound bars are also a good option because they are simpler, but they still need a subwoofer. Pioneer's Andrew Jones SP-SW23W Sound Bar is ideal and Scott Wilkinson recommends it.

Emily also wants to know about wireless headphones. Leo says the Sennheiser RF120 work great. They use RF wireless technology.

Watch Emily from Orange County, CA Comments

Emily has a Sanyo Katana DLX flip phone, but it didn't come with a car charger. She's wondering if car chargers for those older phones are universal. Leo says they are not. Those older Sanyos have a specific Sanyo connector that is not like any of the others.

Watch John from Anaheim, CA Comments

John wants to learn computer programming. Leo recommends checking out Python. It's great because it's a scripting language and will enable him to test stuff. He should read "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python."

Can John code on a tablet? Leo says there are Android specific versions of Python like Q-Python, but the environment may be more challenging. John should check out Python 4 Android. Javascript is good for web based programming. But he should use a laptop with a real keyboard.

Watch Bennie from Pasadena, CA Comments

Mint is a website and app that was bought by Intuit, the makers of the popular Quicken program. Instead of having to enter in every transaction manually, Mint can automatically categorize your transactions and show account information. It's secure and safe, but sometimes Mint's notifications are late. Bennie doesn't have to worry though, Mint is secure.

Watch Carol from Solvang, CA Comments

Carol is ready to upgrade her phone and she wants one that will work with her Chromebook. She started with Android but then made the switch to the iPhone. She's thinking about moving back to the Android platform because she can unlock her Chromebook with an Android phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The Google Nexus 6 would be a good choice, as is the Samsung Galaxy S6. The OnePlus One is also good. She thought about getting the iPhone 6 Plus, but she thinks the iPhone has kinda slowed down. Leo agrees. Android has started to surpass the iPhone in features and power.

What about the Droid Turbo? Leo says that the battery life isn't great and the camera isn't very good at all. She'd be going backwards from the iPhone. Sticking to Verizon gives her limited options, though.

Which Android phone has the best camera? Leo says the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but it only has 10 hours of battery life. It does have quick charging, however, so it will charge from 0 to 100% in about an hour or hour and a half. Leo likes the Aukey external quick charging battery packs, though, and he keeps one with him. Check out Leo's photos from it here -

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also a great choice.