Why is my TV pixelating during action scenes?

Episode 1181 (2:06:30)

Ed from Chicago, IL

Ed has a Sharp 42" TV from Best Buy, but it's having issues pixelating during action scenes. Leo says that could be a motion compensation issue. He should look in the settings for "AquoMotion" and turn that on. This feature adds frames to overcome blurriness. But the downside is, he could end up with a hyper real, plastic-like look.

If Ed buys a new TV, should he buy a new 4K TV? Leo says it's not a good time to buy a 4K TV right now. There's no standard that TVs are using, but it's coming. And there really isn't a lot of content just yet. So if he can wait, he should. What about 3D? Leo says not to get 3D. It's dead. Just get 1080p and go with a higher frame rate, at least 60fps.