Should I get an iPad Air 2 or a MacBook Air?

Episode 1181 (1:05:52)

Judy from Riverside, CA
MacBook Air

Judy's iPad Air died. Leo says that if she brings it to the Apple Store they may be willing to replace it if she's very nice about it. The genius has some flexibility and can, on rare occasions, replace it, or they could give her a deal on replacing it.

Judy is now wondering if she should get a Mac, new iPad, and a new iPhone as well. But she's been a Windows user for so long, she is concerned she'll be lost on the Mac. The reason she was thinking about getting all of these things is because she likes how it all works together. Apple's continuity and handoff features have really been convenient for her. She's not sure she can really afford to get all of that, though. So should she get an iPad Air 2 or get a MacBook Air instead?

Leo says that there's no right or wrong. It's what comes down to preferences, budget, and what she's looking for. The continuity works by design and because they want users to go all Apple. Leo suggests considering an iPhone 6 Plus. It's larger, and it could do double duty by working as a tablet as well. Then she can use a MacBook Air as her laptop. But she could also just get a Windows laptop as her computer and then an iPhone and iPad Air 2, if that works out better for her budget.