First Impressions with Apple Watch

Episode 1181 (01:40)

Apple Watch

Leo got his Apple Watch yesterday, and he says it's pretty. Still too early to tell about the battery life though, but the wireless battery charging feature is pretty cool. It takes about an hour, and the magnetic charger looks like a stethescope. He says it can charge other watches as well. Leo says it can get you through the day, even though it may not seem like it when you first get it because you'll be playing with it much more. But after a few weeks, you'll see that it will only take about 5% battery life per hour with regular use. The watch will work with iPhone 5 or higher. You can respond to iMessages with it, voice dictation is built in, and you can make phone calls with it. It has about 6GB of internal storage, which is good for music.

At the end of the day, it's just a watch, and not any more or any less better than the other ones out there.