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Watch Seth from Irvine, CA Comments

Seth is due for a new phone and is trying to decide whether to stay with the Droid or move to the iPhone. He has an iPad already. He's especially wondering how iOS updates work. Leo says that Apple controls the handset. They don't have to worry about other overlays or interfaces to pollute it. It's a pure OS experience. And it pushes out updates all at the same time to every carrier and every phone. It's great if he just wants a smart phone that just works. Android, by contrast, has to deal with modified operating systems from the carriers, leaving users waiting quite some time for an update to get pushed out. Unless users root their devices.

Watch Seth from Irvine, CA Comments

Seth is looking at Android smartwatches, and is debating between the Sony Smartwatch 3 or the Asus Zen Watch. But he is wondering if the 320x320 display is going to be adequate. Leo says the watch face is small, so that resolution is pretty standard. The functionality is going to be the same as well. The only difference comes with features like a heart rate sensor.

Android Wear devices are all pretty alike. Android Wear is about 80% of the function compared to an Apple Watch, and Leo likes Android Wear a lot.

Watch Bob from Ocalala, FL Comments

Bob says thanks to iFix it, he's been able to fix his own iPhones when they've broken. Leo says that what iFixIt does is great because they believe in the "right to repair," and will show how to do it. (Disclaimer: iFixIt is a sponsor).

Bob is worried that he can be tracked with the GPS tracking from apps. Leo says he can always turn that off, but the benefits of being able to use map apps can be beneficial. And even without the GPS, the cell phone still knows where we are at all times, and law enforcement can find out by making an unwarranted pen register request with the cell phone company. So the benefits far outweigh the concerns.

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Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis is concerned that John Deere has taken the attitude that farmers don't really own the tractors they buy, and as such, they refuse to provide support to repair the software that drives the tractor. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle” but do not own it. The issue was brought up in a recent article in Wired magazine by the editor of

Leo says that it's against the law to do that with automobiles, but apparently it's legal to do it with tractors. It's very similar to how farm seeds have been copyrighted, preventing them from being replanted.

Leo says it's the wrong direction, though he isn't sure it's wrong for digital goods and Leo says that the copyright office needs to rule against this attitude. There is a strong public interest to be able to repair the things we buy.

Watch Dave from Seattle, WA Comments

Dave is wondering if there will be an Apple Watch app for the TIVO. Leo says there probably will. There is an iPhone TIVO app. But most companies haven't had access to the Apple Watch until this week. There are 2000 watch apps in the store, but with time, that number will grow as more developers get their hands on it.

Some things make sense to do on a phone, others simply don't. And the more apps are added to the Apple Watch, the less battery life there will be and it becomes less of a watch. Every app installed will be sending notifications, and that could end up making the watch useless. Which is why a smartphone makes more sense for that.

Watch Judy from Riverside, CA Comments

Judy's iPad Air died. Leo says that if she brings it to the Apple Store they may be willing to replace it if she's very nice about it. The genius has some flexibility and can, on rare occasions, replace it, or they could give her a deal on replacing it.

Judy is now wondering if she should get a Mac, new iPad, and a new iPhone as well. But she's been a Windows user for so long, she is concerned she'll be lost on the Mac. The reason she was thinking about getting all of these things is because she likes how it all works together. Apple's continuity and handoff features have really been convenient for her. She's not sure she can really afford to get all of that, though. So should she get an iPad Air 2 or get a MacBook Air instead?

Leo says that there's no right or wrong. It's what comes down to preferences, budget, and what she's looking for. The continuity works by design and because they want users to go all Apple. Leo suggests considering an iPhone 6 Plus. It's larger, and it could do double duty by working as a tablet as well. Then she can use a MacBook Air as her laptop. But she could also just get a Windows laptop as her computer and then an iPhone and iPad Air 2, if that works out better for her budget.

Watch Larry from Rancho Santa Fe, CA Comments

Larry has a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, one of the first devices. He uses it with the Galaxy Note 4. It's such a huge device so the watch saves him from having to use the Note all the time. Leo says he agrees and used it to take pictures while flying along with a zip line. The watch is great. However, the Note 4 went through an update and then the "OK Google" function didn't work. He went into the voice settings and they're gone! It works within the app, but it won't work globally.

Leo says that's up to the launcher and one of the reasons why Leo doesn't use Samsung's Touch Wiz launcher, because they want people to use their S Launcher instead. He uses a third party launcher and tells it to listen globally, then he disables S Launcher. The one thing he'd lose is that only S Voice will respond when the screen is turned off.

Doctor Mom says that it's in the language and input menu of the settings. Go into Speech, and then check off "enhanced Google Services." That brings in the global settings.

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Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom has an Apple TV and he just got a message on his YouTube app that the device isn't compatible anymore. Leo said there's a new update to the YouTube app that has broken the app on older Apple TVs. Leo says one possibility is to jailbreak it. If he needs to, he should check out Google's supported list of devices here. And he can always start the video on his YouTube app on the iPad or iPhone and then AirPlay it.

That's the way it is with computers -- updates just break stuff. It's the only way to move forward.

Watch Jane from Redding, PA Comments

Jane's laptop consistently freezes up when she's doing things. Can that be caused by the battery? Leo says one way to test it is to remove the battery and plug it in to the AC adapter. If that resolves the issue, then it probably is the battery. But the battery is one of those that either works or doesn't work at all. It could be the power supply that is failing.

Watch Zach from Encinitas, CA Comments

Zach has a Windows Lumia phone and he's heard that Chase is going to stop allowing access to his mobile app. Leo says that's because while the Windows phone OS is a great OS, there's simply not enough people using it to justify the effort. Banking apps have to announce and kill apps because of security issues. He may still be able to use online banking through the phone's browser, though.

What could change things is that Windows 10 will enable users to make cross-platform apps. And that could possibly save Windows phone -- but it's not looking good. The best technology doesn't automatically win. Leo also thinks that if sales don't pick up by the end of the year, Microsoft may just kill the Windows phone.

Watch Rene from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Rene wants to cancel her wireless service and just use Wi-Fi to make phone calls. She also wants to just buy a data plan and use VOIP to make calls, but she can't seem to do that. Leo says one way is with Skype. She can Skype out/In. She even get a regular phone number through that. Tango, Viber and Line can also do it.

Watch Ed from Chicago, IL Comments

Ed has a Sharp 42" TV from Best Buy, but it's having issues pixelating during action scenes. Leo says that could be a motion compensation issue. He should look in the settings for "AquoMotion" and turn that on. This feature adds frames to overcome blurriness. But the downside is, he could end up with a hyper real, plastic-like look.

If Ed buys a new TV, should he buy a new 4K TV? Leo says it's not a good time to buy a 4K TV right now. There's no standard that TVs are using, but it's coming. And there really isn't a lot of content just yet. So if he can wait, he should. What about 3D? Leo says not to get 3D. It's dead. Just get 1080p and go with a higher frame rate, at least 60fps.

Watch Alan from California Comments

Alan wants to know if he can backup his apps as well as his data with Carbonite. Leo says not really. Generally, the problem with trying to backup apps is the DLLs and other files that he can't fully get all of. It's better to just do an image backup of the entire hard drive. Use Carbonite to save his data, and image the hard drive to preserve the apps and how he has his computer set up.