How can I transfer Hi-8 video tapes to my computer?

Episode 1180 (1:04:30)

Tony from Stevensville, MT

Tony has a ton of 8mm video tapes that he wants to digitize. Leo says that 8mm video was a great format back in the day, but it's important to get them digitized now. If he still has the camcorder that he used, and it still works, he can probably connect it to his computer. But if it's iffy, he shouldn't risk it. It may be better to get a Sony Hi-8 deck, and he could probably find one on eBay.

Going to a service is probably a better idea if he doesn't want to spend the time doing it. is a service that Leo has used. He also may want to "triage" his video and decide if he needs all the videos done. And then they'll send him a DVD back with it all on it. The chatroom suggests

If Tony decides he wants to do it himself, Leo says the Grass Valley ADVC converter is a good purchase. But by the time he adds up buying the equipment, taking the time doing it, etc, it's likely more affordable to just have it done.