Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1179 (18:47)

Scott returns from NAB this week, after spending a week walking the halls and seeing the latest in broadcast and film technology. Leo says that it's become more and more about that, rather than the inside technology of engineers. There's a lot more focus on streaming media. Scott agrees, and says that TWiT is ahead of that curve, blazing the trail. Scott says he likes to go to NAB because seeing what broadcasters are working on points the way to what consumers will go with. And 4K was everywhere.

The thing that excited Scott the most was high dynamic range (HDR) video. In video, we have cameras that have 14-16 stops of native dynamic range, so we can capture HDR images in video and get detail from the blacks as well as the bright backgrounds. But there's been no display that could handle it, until this year. Sony showed off a 30" UHD broadcaster monitor for over $30,000. The result is a lot more detail and color range. Does it look unnatural? Scott says only if graded badly, and people are starting to grade directly for HDR.

And Vizio has announced their Reference series of 4K HDR TVs. And Vudu and Amazon Prime are going to be streaming in HDR.