How do I backup my images?

Episode 1179 (1:12:01)

Shane from Yelm, WA

Shane's internet is very slow since he's forced to dial in and connect via DSL. Leo says that DSL speeds depend on distance. He's frustrated because as a photographer, it takes him over a day to upload images and he can't do online backup because of the connection. Would external hard drives ideal for mirroring? Leo says that he'll have to do it that way, and it's best that way, especially if he sends the backed up images to another site. Leo recommends checking out by Peter Krogh. A 3-2-1 backup strategy (three backups on two different media, with one off site).

Shane uses a Mac, and as such, Leo recommends Super Duper, which will make a bootable backup of his hard drive. It then runs in the background and updates incrementally. It's a must-have solution for Mac users. The File Transporter is also a good option for file sync.

Imaging options include: