How can I connect my home theater to my TV?

Episode 1179 (1:02:32)

Michael from Monrovia, CA

Michael bought a home theater in a box, a Panasonic A/V receiver, and a 55" Samsung TV. He has Dish TV service. He's having issues hooking everything up, though.

Leo says that everything should go through the Panasonic A/V receiver. He needs to connect the components like the blu-ray player with HDMI cables to the HDMI input on the Panasonic receiver. Then there should be one HDMI output on the receiver, and that will go to the HDMI In on the TV. If he connects the receiver to HDMI 1 on the TV, then the TV should stay on HDMI 1 all the time.

Next, on the Panasonic receiver, he needs to tell it what the source should be. The remote to the receiver will have buttons corresponding to the different sources. He'll have to select the correct source to watch that component. The receiver probably will come with labels for each connection, and he should use that to keep everything straight.

So let's say Michael wants to watch a Blu-ray. There should be one HDMI Output on the Blu-ray player, and he should connect that to the HDMI input on the receiver. Now when he plays a movie, it will route the video to the TV, and the audio will go to his surround speakers.

For a visual of how this all connects, check out