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Watch Jim from Saginaw, MI Comments

Jim has an iPhone 4 and he's ready to upgrade. Do the newer phones get better reception? Leo says that the answer is yes. The iPhone 4 was the "antenna gate" iPhone, the phone that Apple claimed we were holding wrong. Those issues have since been designed out of the phone and they have much better reception. The new iPhone 6 antenna works better. Apple redid the reception indicator in order to get a more accurate read as well. Leo calls it arrogance that Apple held customers in contempt for complaining about bad reception.

Watch Patrick from Camarillo, CA Comments

Patrick needs to get his wife a new laptop. He's thinking of switching to a Mac. Leo says it depends on if she needs Windows for some of her school work. If not, then Macs are ideal because of their security, especially when surfing the web.

Patrick should know that MacBook Airs do not have Retina screens. MacBook Pros are a better choice generally. The MacBook Air 13 is the best for battery life, though. He should get the largest hard drive and most memory he can. Have her look at the screen to decide which one is best for her.

How about file transfer? Leo says that Microsoft does have a backup utility, but it's also a good idea to use an exernal drive and back it up.

Watch George from Tarzana, CA Comments

George would like to know the best way to transfer his files from his old Windows XP computer to his Windows 7 system. Leo says that Microsoft has a files transfer program built into Windows that does a fairly good job. But this is a great opportunity for George to make a backup. He should go and buy a USB external hard drive, and backup everything in his Documents folder. The advantage to this is that he'll have a backup on a separate drive while transferring his files over to the computer.

If he wants to ensure that everything copies over, it's not a bad idea to use Microsoft's File Transfer Wizard, but George should still get a drive to backup his files to.

Watch Billy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Billy's job is to do a weekly corporate webinar. He'd like to optimize the technology so that they are the same, no matter the platform. He wants to keep the audio quality and video image as good as it can be online.

Leo says GoToMeeting is a mature platform for wide scale webinar generation. The fundamental problem is how to get good interaction with poor bandwith. That's the frustring part. But Leo suggests checking out GoToWebinar, which is designed specifically for what Billy is talking about. He can try before he buys too, with a 30 day trial.

Disclaimer: GoToMeeting is a sponsor.

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Watch Michael from Monrovia, CA Comments

Michael bought a home theater in a box, a Panasonic A/V receiver, and a 55" Samsung TV. He has Dish TV service. He's having issues hooking everything up, though.

Leo says that everything should go through the Panasonic A/V receiver. He needs to connect the components like the blu-ray player with HDMI cables to the HDMI input on the Panasonic receiver. Then there should be one HDMI output on the receiver, and that will go to the HDMI In on the TV. If he connects the receiver to HDMI 1 on the TV, then the TV should stay on HDMI 1 all the time.

Next, on the Panasonic receiver, he needs to tell it what the source should be. The remote to the receiver will have buttons corresponding to the different sources. He'll have to select the correct source to watch that component. The receiver probably will come with labels for each connection, and he should use that to keep everything straight.

So let's say Michael wants to watch a Blu-ray. There should be one HDMI Output on the Blu-ray player, and he should connect that to the HDMI input on the receiver. Now when he plays a movie, it will route the video to the TV, and the audio will go to his surround speakers.

For a visual of how this all connects, check out

Watch Shane from Yelm, WA Comments

Shane's internet is very slow since he's forced to dial in and connect via DSL. Leo says that DSL speeds depend on distance. He's frustrated because as a photographer, it takes him over a day to upload images and he can't do online backup because of the connection. Would external hard drives ideal for mirroring? Leo says that he'll have to do it that way, and it's best that way, especially if he sends the backed up images to another site. Leo recommends checking out by Peter Krogh. A 3-2-1 backup strategy (three backups on two different media, with one off site).

Shane uses a Mac, and as such, Leo recommends Super Duper, which will make a bootable backup of his hard drive. It then runs in the background and updates incrementally. It's a must-have solution for Mac users. The File Transporter is also a good option for file sync.

Imaging options include:

Watch Chavy from Barcelona, Spain Comments

Chavy wants to know when the Apple Watch will come to Spain. Leo says there could be logistical reasons for it not coming to Spain yet. He could go across the border into France and buy it. Chavy's worried about updates, though. Leo says that would have to do with carriers of his phone, not the watch itself. Warranty may be an issue, perhaps. But Leo doesn't think so.

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Watch Todd from Topeka, KS Comments

Todd is going to be travelling to the Grand Canyon and he's not sure what kind of reception he'll be getting. Leo says the Canyon isn't ideal for cellphone coverage. Will it work OK with power? Leo says he can get huge backup battery to charge it back up. A 10,000 mAh battery would be able to recharge three times before needing to be recharged. Anker makes a great one. Aukey makes one that also does quick charging for $35 at Amazon.

Watch Kerry from Murietta, CA Comments

Kerry has a bunch of notes and documents filed and he wants to be able to scan them. What's the best option to create an online library so he can share what he has? Leo says he should get a good scanner that can do Optical Character Recognition (OCR). He can then put them up on a website, or through dropbox and share them.