Why doesn't Touch ID work on my iPhone?

Episode 1178 (1:33:42)

Patrick from Guelph, Canada
Apple iPhone 6

Patrick is frustrated because Touch ID doesn't work on his iPhone 6. He's had his phone replaced and it still doesn't work. It recognizes his fingers for a day or two and then it stops. Leo says that there was an issue with "fingerprint rot," where the reader capability degrades, but Apple fixed that in iOS 8. So it shouldn't have an issue. If Patrick's fingers are clammy or wet, it won't work. His hands need to be bone dry.

Leo suggests "overtraining" it. Use up to 9 touches to his fingerprint trainer in order to get the print really complete. Here's an article that the iOS 8.3 update breaks TouchID - http://www.macrumors.com/2015/04/09/touch-id-not-working-app-store-ios-8-3/. Some have issues, some don't.

Patrck also uses Airplay through Airport Express to his stereo, and it always asks him for his password. It never happened before iOS 8. Leo says to look in the settings. It should give him the option to remember his password. Leo says it sounds like his phone is messed up. He recommends backing up his data and then doing a full factory reset. That should fix everything. Here's an Apple.com discussion thread about it - https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3372