What is a good DVR for over the air broadcast TV?

Episode 1178 (2:01:21)

Ruth from Roseberg, OR
TIVO Roamio

Ruth ditched satellite, has the cable and bought a few Leaf antennas for her TV. She also streams sometimes with cellular internet and sometimes it fails. Leo says that may be due to bandwidth caps. Ruth says Netflix buffers while Amazon Prime has no problem. Leo says that after 6pm, Netflix is being used by everyone. And maybe Netflix hasn't pad tribute to the cell provider for higher speed internet. That practice was started by Comcast.

Ruth is wondering if there is a DVR that she can use without a satellite or cable, just over the air. Will TIVO work? Leo says yes, and so will Channel Master. They have the advantage of not charging a monthly fee. But TIVO is the gold standard, even though there is a monthly fee.