Should I get a Slingbox or a TIVO Roamio?

Episode 1178 (15:33)

Jeff from Belgrade, Serbia
TiVO Roamio

Jeff wants to know if the TIVO Roamio is better than any of the Slingboxes out there. Leo says he's used TIVOs from way back. He's even written books on them. The key to using a TIVO with your cable company is to use a cable card, which turns your TIVO into a cable box. The Roamio has a Slingbox feature that would enable him to stream live TV to a tablet or computer.

Leo says that he'd need a stand alone Slingbox unit to hook up to his system, and that could be a challenge. But the benefit is, he could watch it anywhere. The Roamio does that as well. Leo recommends getting the TIVO. It's easier and for a cable customer, it would become his set top box. Then again, he will need a separate subscription, and that doesn't make much sense. So in that case, Slingbox is the way to go.