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Watch Jeff from Belgrade, Serbia Comments

Jeff wants to know if the TIVO Roamio is better than any of the Slingboxes out there. Leo says he's used TIVOs from way back. He's even written books on them. The key to using a TIVO with your cable company is to use a cable card, which turns your TIVO into a cable box. The Roamio has a Slingbox feature that would enable him to stream live TV to a tablet or computer.

Leo says that he'd need a stand alone Slingbox unit to hook up to his system, and that could be a challenge. But the benefit is, he could watch it anywhere. The Roamio does that as well. Leo recommends getting the TIVO. It's easier and for a cable customer, it would become his set top box. Then again, he will need a separate subscription, and that doesn't make much sense. So in that case, Slingbox is the way to go.

Watch Kevin from Spokane, WA Comments

Kevin has an HP laptop with a 500GB hard drive and he's getting warnings that he's running out of space. How can he see what is taking up all that room and what can he get rid of? Leo says he can delete temporary file, because they aren't needed. By implication, that's just a repository to place files temporarily. He'll want to be sure to only delete files when other programs aren't running. He doesn't want to crash out an application that may be using a file in that temp folder.

Leo recommends Disk Cleanup to clean up the hard drive and get rid of unnecessary files. Leo also says that this is an indication of a sloppily written app that doesn't clean after itself. Kevin should reboot the computer, clean out the temp files, and then reboot again.

Kevin should check out It will tell him what his hard drive consists of, what is using the space, and it's all color coded. For the Mac, there's Disk Inventory X.

Watch Rick from Baltimore, MD Comments

Rick s frustrated with iTunes. It seems to have a mind of its own. It wants to manage his own personal music and deletes some of it randomly. Is there a substitute that gives him more control over his music and podcasts? Unfortunately, iTunes has taken up all the air in the room in this category and most of the alternatives have dried up. But there are some third party programs to consider:

Leo also says he can tell iTunes to ignore his own folder, but then he won't be able to sync it. Leo hopes that once Beats relaunches, Apple will actually have a reworked version of iTunes. iTunes is bad enough on a Mac, and it's even worse on a PC.

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Watch Walter from West Virginia Comments

Walter doesn't like that whenever he launches his browser, it automatically goes to a start page right away. He says it takes way too long to load. Leo says that most browsers will allow him to set the start page to "blank." In Internet Explorer, he can find it in the settings under "Internet Options."

Watch Tim from Diana, TX Comments

Tim had AT&T and then changed carriers. He wants to know if he can use the AT&T Microcell/FemtoCell with his new carrier. Leo says probably not. It's likely locked to AT&T. All carriers offer them, however, and there's a good chance they are the same. There may be a way to hack it.

Watch Steven from Oceanside, CA Comments

Steven has several computers with Windows 7 SP1 and Office 2010. He wants to know if he can buy a Windows 8.1 retail key and then downgrade to Windows 7 for another computer. Leo says no. He'll have to use Windows 8.1. If his computer has an OEM copy of Windows, then he should go to his PC maker and tell them he'd like to buy Windows disks for his computer. They should give him a license for Windows 7. He could also just wait. This summer, Windows 10 will be free to everyone running Windows 7 and above. Then he won't have to deal with it.

Another option is to buy a Windows 7 OEM DVD from NewEgg. They are designed for system integrators, but they're available to anyone now. It costs around $150. That's how he can get an official Windows 7 license key. But he shouldn't delay too long -- Microsoft stopped shipping Windows 7 last October. Amazon may have them too.

Watch Mark from Oxnard, CA Comments

Mark is having issues with his Verizon email because it's part of Yahoo and now Verizon doesn't support it. He can't log in, and Verizon doesn't seem to care to fix it. Mark could try logging into Yahoo mail directly. Leo says Mark should make the move to another email provider like GMail.

The chatroom recommends this technote by Yahoo -

The key is to make sure to have all of the settings right. Here's a page that talks about that -

Watch Patrick from Guelph, Canada Comments

Patrick is frustrated because Touch ID doesn't work on his iPhone 6. He's had his phone replaced and it still doesn't work. It recognizes his fingers for a day or two and then it stops. Leo says that there was an issue with "fingerprint rot," where the reader capability degrades, but Apple fixed that in iOS 8. So it shouldn't have an issue. If Patrick's fingers are clammy or wet, it won't work. His hands need to be bone dry.

Leo suggests "overtraining" it. Use up to 9 touches to his fingerprint trainer in order to get the print really complete. Here's an article that the iOS 8.3 update breaks TouchID - Some have issues, some don't.

Patrck also uses Airplay through Airport Express to his stereo, and it always asks him for his password. It never happened before iOS 8. Leo says to look in the settings. It should give him the option to remember his password. Leo says it sounds like his phone is messed up. He recommends backing up his data and then doing a full factory reset. That should fix everything. Here's an discussion thread about it -

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Watch David from Murrieta, CA Comments

David is having issues with his Wi-Fi upstairs. Leo says that if he's using the router from his ISP's modem, he should turn off Wi-Fi and get his own router. That often will solve the problem. He should make sure he has a DOCSIS 3 modem as well. In fact, while he's at it, he should just buy a modem as well. That way he will save the monthly rental fee he's paying his ISP for that modem.

Watch Ruth from Roseberg, OR Comments

Ruth ditched satellite, has the cable and bought a few Leaf antennas for her TV. She also streams sometimes with cellular internet and sometimes it fails. Leo says that may be due to bandwidth caps. Ruth says Netflix buffers while Amazon Prime has no problem. Leo says that after 6pm, Netflix is being used by everyone. And maybe Netflix hasn't pad tribute to the cell provider for higher speed internet. That practice was started by Comcast.

Ruth is wondering if there is a DVR that she can use without a satellite or cable, just over the air. Will TIVO work? Leo says yes, and so will Channel Master. They have the advantage of not charging a monthly fee. But TIVO is the gold standard, even though there is a monthly fee.

Watch Brad from Peoria, IL Comments

Brad hears that you don't have to use your fingerprint for Apple's Touch ID -- you can actually use other body parts. Knuckles, palms, and even noses can work. Some guitar players or construction workers who have callouses on their fingers may not be able to use fingerprints. So for those people, they need to think outside the box.

Watch Gene from Buena Park, CA Comments

Gene wants to know if there's a program like Super Duper for Windows. The great thing about Super Duper is that it makes a bootable backup and keeps it up to date. Here are some programs for Windows, although they may not completely duplicate the functionality of Super Duper on Mac:

EaseUS is probably the closest to what Gene is looking for.

Watch Jake from California Comments

Jake says that there's a new version of Touch ID that's coming that uses 3D sound to bounce a small signal off your finger and read it that way. Leo says that's interesting and metrics is another way to skin that cat. Both would overcome some of the limitations of Touch ID.