How can I get back images when upgrading Windows?

Episode 1177 (1:31:08)

Richard from West Los Angeles, CA

Richard upgraded to Windows 8 and lost a lot of photos that he can't replace. Will that happen in Windows 10? Leo says it shouldn't happen at all. Things may happen, but always, always backup before doing any kind of upgrade. In fact, if he doesn't have three copies of his images, he doesn't really have backups at all. Always backup and include one off site. That's really the only way to keep them safe.

Richard also wants to know how he can connect his mobile phone and off load his images? Leo says to connect it via the Photo Transfer Protocol. Windows will then see that he has photos and transfer them. This is also why Leo recommends doing a clean install. He should backup his data, format the hard drive and then install the latest version of Windows.