How can I extend the range of my Wi-Fi signal?

Episode 1177 (40:21)

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Chuck's home based business has grown to the point that he has to move it into his garage. But his Wi-Fi is spotty in there since it's 150 feet away. How can he push the range of his Wi-Fi router? Leo says that Chuck is at the edge of the usable signal range. He'll need a repeater and keep it line of sight from the router. Metal is death to Wi-Fi, as it acts as a Faraday cage. So Chuck should remove any window screens. Leo also recommends using a Wi-Fi analyzer to see what congestion is happening in Chuck's area.

Chuck should make sure to get a repeater/extender with the same manufacturer as his router. So if it's D-Link, he should get a D-Link. If it's Netgear, get a Netgear. Chuck is using the router from his ISP. Leo says that if he can match chipsets, that may be good enough. But he could also turn off the Wi-Fi of his router/modem and connect it to his own router. Then use it to hand off the signal to his extender. Or better yet, he could just buy his own cable modem and save that $10 a month.