How can I connect my SkyBell via Wi-Fi?

Episode 1177 (1:05:41)

Ed from San Diego, CA

Ed has the Skybell, a webcam door knock that allows users to see who's at the door from their smartphone via Wi-Fi. But he can't get it to work. Leo says that's because it has to connect via Wi-Fi, and he has to be sure it's connected to his network. He'll also have to have a 2.4 GHz system, and that's the most crowded spectrum because everyone else is on 2.4Ghz. If he can use 5 GHz, that would be better.

Ed should also make sure he is using the right SSID. If it's password protected, there could be an issue with handling that. Leo says to try to configure it closer to his Wi-Fi Access point first. If that works, then he'll know it has to be a range or connection issue. Someone in the chatroom says that he had the same issue and he just kept calling them until he got satisfaction. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.