Why does my Mac have trouble waking up?

Episode 1176 (1:06:38)

Donna from Thousand Oaks, CA
Activity Monitor

Donna has a MacBook and it has trouble waking up. Leo says that could be due to her Time Machine external hard drive. She should try disconnecting it.

Sometimes Macs will wait until the drive spins up when it's asleep. OS X Yosemite has a safe sleep mode, which is a very deep sleep when the battery either runs low or is idle for a few days. It copies memory to hard disc and shuts everything down. It's like Hibernating in Windows, and it takes awhile to get going. Leo's not a fan.

Donna can go into energy saver and turn off power nap. She should choose to not allow the hard drive to go to sleep, either. Look in Utilty Disk for 'process monitor' or 'activity monitor.'

Donna also wants to know about password managers. Leo recommends LastPass. It will work across all platforms and will remember all of her passwords for her.