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Watch Jeff from Burbank, CA Comments

Jeff has a client who's going to be doing a great American roadtrip with RVs and they want to bring all their tech. They need to sync it all, and Jeff wants to know how they can do that while on the road? Leo says that the Airport Express is a Wi-Fi access spot and it will be a router if he plugs it into the internet primarily. Jeff can create an Ad-Hoc network without Internet access as well.

Leo recommends, however, getting a MiFi. That way he can create a Wi-Fi access point and connect up to five separate devices. The iPhone can even be his network. Then he doesn't really need to buy anything.

Watch Walter from Holland Comments

Walter wants to know if his Mac is covered under the recall. Leo says if he runs Mavericks or Yosemite, he can go into "About this Mac" and look at the last tab. It will search his serial number and tell him if his Mac is qualified under the current recall for video issues. Leo also thinks his issue could be a bad ribbon cable or screen. If that's the case, then repairs need to be made. But check for the recall first.

Watch Sandra from Bedford, IN Comments

Sandra has family that is relying her to be their PC support, but it's hard because she's in another state. Leo says that's the benefit of using remote access. But the danger is, that once they know she can do that, she won't have a moment's peace. Since Sandra's family is older, she could send them to The Elder Geek, where they can learn about computers. There's also How To Geek. Que has a great book series called The Absolute Beginner's Guides.

Leo also recommends that Sandra encourage them to get a Chromebook. It has a power wash feature that puts the computer back to factory settings.

Watch John from La Cañada, CA Comments

John read an article about software containers in the Wall Street Journal recently, and wanted to know more about that. Leo says software containers are a hot topic among IT professionals right now. Software containers are kind of like a virtual machine, where you run another operating system within the computer's native operating system. John won't have to know anything about container technology as a home user, though. It's used heavily in servers on the web. But if John wants to know, Leo thinks Docker is the best one out there at the moment.

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Watch Ed from Twentynine Palms, CA Comments

Ed would like to connect his Windows laptop to a 40" TV. Leo says that if the monitor has an HDMI connector, and his laptop has HDMI, he's golden. He may need to go into his display settings to mirror the image out through HDMI to the monitor. That way it's sending it out.

If he's on a later version of Windows, the key stroke is + P. If he's changed the settings and the TV doesn't adjust, he should try unplugging the port to the TV and plug it back in. That will reset it so the TV will read it. He may also need to change his resolution to a lower setting.

Watch Donna from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Donna has a MacBook and it has trouble waking up. Leo says that could be due to her Time Machine external hard drive. She should try disconnecting it.

Sometimes Macs will wait until the drive spins up when it's asleep. OS X Yosemite has a safe sleep mode, which is a very deep sleep when the battery either runs low or is idle for a few days. It copies memory to hard disc and shuts everything down. It's like Hibernating in Windows, and it takes awhile to get going. Leo's not a fan.

Donna can go into energy saver and turn off power nap. She should choose to not allow the hard drive to go to sleep, either. Look in Utilty Disk for 'process monitor' or 'activity monitor.'

Donna also wants to know about password managers. Leo recommends LastPass. It will work across all platforms and will remember all of her passwords for her.

Watch Todd from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Todd is a photographer who loves to take shots of firefighting and stormchasing. He wants to know the safest and reliable way to get images in storms. Leo says that Drones use Wi-Fi to communicate to operators on the ground. So there may be a Wi-Fi adapter that would allow him to remotely trigger cameras from a distance via their smartphone or tablet. Some cameras have Wi-Fi built-in. Sony's PlayMemories app can do that. But Leo doesn't know if anyone would want to take an A7S in a storm.

The chatroom says to check out Watch Commander from WatchGuard Video. It's used by police agencies and uses built in hardware. DSLR Controller works via USB on the Android platform, but that doesn't help in Todd's case. He could probably build one with Raspberry Pi. Or, even better, use a GoPro. He can use a smartphone and trigger up to 50 of them at a time.

Check out Todd's website at

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Watch Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Jane's mouse cursor keeps getting jammed or stuck. Leo says that the track pad may have some "schmutz" on it, causing the connection to be occluded. There's also static electricity that could be causing issues. She can clean it or take an eraser and fix it. But it sounds like a hardware error and Leo recommends taking it back to have them fix the track pad.

Leo also says that Toshiba laptops disable the trackpad while typing. There's a physical key that can disable the trackpad inadvertently too. It sounds like a synaptics trackpad and the settings can be adjusted to be more sensitive. Leo suggests checking into that.

Leo also says that when software is poorly written, this kind of stalled performance can happen.

Watch Alan from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Alan is trying to decide whether to get Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Leo says that Microsoft dropped the ball with Windows 8.1 because it's confusing. There are two versions of programs on it, one for the tablet and one for the desktop part. Leo advises getting Windows 7, because Windows 10 will be a free upgrade this summer. That way he can just leapfrog over 8.1 to Windows 10. Leo's been using Windows 10 and likes it. It solves a great deal of problems.

Watch Steve from Nashville, TN Comments

Steve bought an HP Stream laptop for $299. He's blind and says that the accessibility features are fantastic. It's not very powerful, but it works with JAWS and other blind utilities. His only beef is how little room is on it, especially with HP. So he recommends uninstalling all the bloatware that comes with it.

Leo says it's a great choice for a second, mobile computer. Steve says it shouldn't be confused with the HP Stream tablet, which was Windows with Bing, and it was terrible. But the Stream laptop is marvelous.

Watch Albert from Nevada Comments

Albert wants to get Adobe Flash on his Motorola Moto X. Leo says that Adobe has stopped making mobile Flash and everyone is moving away from it because it's big, bad and buggy. HTML5 is a much better option.

There are some browsers that have Flash built in, though. The Tunny Browser (aka Dolphin) is one. The Puffin browser is another option. There are also third party apps like Flash Fox. But it's a terrible idea.

Watch Gary from Panama City, FL Comments

Gary lives out in the remote areas of Florida and he uses cellphone access for his internet. But are there other options? Leo says that WISP, which uses Microwaves is an option. There's also satellite. It can be expensive, and the bandwidth caps, speed issues and latency is tedious. It wouldn't be good for Skype or Gaming. But if that's not important, Leo suggests checking out Wild Blue by Excede.

Check out Gary can enter his zip code and it will give him all the options for broadband access and reviews for how well they work out.

Watch Tamara from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tamara is frustrated because iHeartRadio has stopped working on one laptop while it works fine on another. It works on 10.5.8, but not on 10.9.5. What gives? She talked to AppleCare and they've said that something is broken in the most recent version of Apple Safari. Leo advises using Chrome because iHeartRadio uses Flash.

Leo suspects it's a Flash issue, or an iHeartRadio issue, not a Mac issue. Here's a thread on how to troubleshoot IHeartRadio problems -