Why the Surface Pro 3 was a better choice than an iPad

Episode 1175 (1:50:59)

Robin from Los Alamitos, CA
Microsoft Surface 3

Robin heard the earlier call from Chris asking whether to get an iPad or the Surface tablet. Robin has been using hers for about a year, and loves it. She decided on it when debating between a MacBook Air and the Surface Pro 3. The only thing she noticed was that it first starts into the tiled "tablet" mode, unless its been specifically set up to boot into the desktop.

She says the Surface fits into everything, it can go everywhere, and can do anything. She uses it for Microsoft Office, school and health business stuff, and more with it and she's very happy with it.

In just a couple of months, Microsoft will be releasing a new and less expensive version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is just the Surface 3.