How can I wipe a dead hard drive?

Episode 1175 (1:44:54)

Teri from San Clemente, CA
Hard drive

Teri bought a Mac a few years ago and needs to know if she's subject to the recall. Leo says go into 'About This Mac', and on the fourth tab, she can click on it and check to be sure she's available for the recall.

Terri also has a few old hard drives that have died. She's concerned about security. Leo says that since they've died, she can't really wipe them. To prevent it from happening, she'll have to destroy the drive. But Leo says to be careful because if the drive is made of glass, it could shatter into a million pieces. Check this out -

If they're platter drives, Teri could drill holes into them or bend them. Make it nearly impossible for the average person so recover anything from it.