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Watch George from Battleground, WA Comments

George is thinking about upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S6. Leo says he's ordered it and it's coming this week. He ordered the 'Edge' version. Most reviews says that the non-edge model is just as good and it's really elegant. Leo says that the battery life is believed to be inconsistent though. From what people have said, one day they can barely get through the day, the next they won't at all. And the worst part is that Samsung doesn't allow for removing the battery. It doesn't have an SD card slot either, so George should get the largest storage option he can afford.

Watch Bill from San Bernadino, CA Comments

Bill's daughter is on Facebook and has a ton of pictures stored there. How can she back them up? Leo says that she can upload every picture she takes to a private album in facebook. Then she can download them. They'll be pretty compressed, however. Google Chrome has an extension called Download DB Album mod, which will "scrape" her Facebook feed and download them all.

A better choice is to save the originals on Flickr, Google Plus and One Drive. She can set her apps to automatically back up her photos, too. Facebook is probably the worst possible option for backing up photos.

Watch Robert from San Diego, CA Comments

Robert is vision impaired and he's missed the mobile revolution. He knows that there are a lot of books available on Amazon in eBooks. How can he have them read back to him? Leo says that the Kindle will read back to him, and it's a decent robotic voice. But some publishers disable the feature, which is a shame.

Here's a link to a list of screen readers - The federal government also has a program with a listening library called Books for the Blind.

Watch Robin from Los Alamitos, CA Comments

Robin heard the earlier call from Chris asking whether to get an iPad or the Surface tablet. Robin has been using hers for about a year, and loves it. She decided on it when debating between a MacBook Air and the Surface Pro 3. The only thing she noticed was that it first starts into the tiled "tablet" mode, unless its been specifically set up to boot into the desktop.

She says the Surface fits into everything, it can go everywhere, and can do anything. She uses it for Microsoft Office, school and health business stuff, and more with it and she's very happy with it.

In just a couple of months, Microsoft will be releasing a new and less expensive version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is just the Surface 3.

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Watch Mike from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Mike has a 4K TV streaming through Netflix. But when he connects his laptop to the network, the streams rarely will load at all. Leo says that sending data through the air via Wi-Fi is fast, but he's putting a ton of data through it. Leo says the more distance he has, the lesser the signal. Interference can cause issues, especially in congested areas. 2.4 Ghz is better for longer distances, but it's crowded. 5GHz likely uncrowded, but it may not travel as far through the walls.

Leo recommends getting a repeater to spread out the signal. Mike should get one made by the same manufacturer as his router. Use 5GHz, since it's a cleaner band. There are several apps that will be able to tell him how congested his Wi-Fi area is:

These apps and programs will also help Mike diagnose issues.

Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris is a writer and proofreader and he's looking to get an iPad or a Microsoft Surface. Apple says the iPad will do everything the Surface can do. Leo says that's not even close to being true. The Surface offers a full version of Windows, so it'll do far more than an iPad. It also comes with Microsoft Office. Modifying PDFs is far easier on a Surface. He'll pay more, but he'll be able to do more as well.

Leo recommends getting the Surface 3, which will be out in May. He'll also get the snap-in type keyboard and he can get a dock to snap it in and use it as a desktop replacement.

Watch Kevin from Ashville, NC Comments

Kevin would like to stream high resolution audio. Leo says there's two services that can do it, both for about $20 a month. There's Tidal and Deezer. Deezer hasn't started in the US yet, but will be soon. Leo says that unless he's listening on a very good stereo, he won't really tell the difference.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 play back 24bit audio? Leo says no. He'll need to convert it.

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Watch Teri from San Clemente, CA Comments

Teri bought a Mac a few years ago and needs to know if she's subject to the recall. Leo says go into 'About This Mac', and on the fourth tab, she can click on it and check to be sure she's available for the recall.

Terri also has a few old hard drives that have died. She's concerned about security. Leo says that since they've died, she can't really wipe them. To prevent it from happening, she'll have to destroy the drive. But Leo says to be careful because if the drive is made of glass, it could shatter into a million pieces. Check this out -

If they're platter drives, Teri could drill holes into them or bend them. Make it nearly impossible for the average person so recover anything from it.

Watch David from Huntington, WV Comments

David works from home via VPN to the office. He's unable to view both screens from his office at his house. Leo says that he doesn't know of any VPN that allows for using multiple screens, and it could be a security issue.

The chatroom says that TeamViewer can do it, as does Remote Desktop in Windows 8/10. It may just be that Citrix Remote Desktop may not support it. But since RDP from Windows does, and it's based on Citrix, it could be a settings issue.

Watch Marsha from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Marsha would like to turn her HDTV into a SmartTV. How can she do that? Leo says that the best way to smarten a dumb TV is with a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, or Google Chromecast.

They will all give her TV internet access, but the applications may differ. So it depends on what services she wants to use, but likely Roku is the best option.

Watch Joe from Canton, OH Comments

Joe just got a router and wants to know if he really needs firewalls anymore. Leo says no. Joe could turn on the Windows firewall, but any third party firewall isn't really needed because the router is essentially a "dumb box" that prevents attacks from incoming traffic.

Routers, though, aren't impervious to attack, so he'll need to keep the firmware up to date, or even use a third party firmware like Tomato or DDWRT.

Watch Alan from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Alan has a desktop with multiple 27" screens. He as an iPad and an Asus tablet. Is there anyway he can connect to the screens wirelessly so he can see contents of the tablet on the screen? Leo says there's the ability to do it the other way, but not back. The Chatroom says to check out Splashtop.