Why is Time Warner Cable suddenly using copy protection when I try to record?

Episode 1174 (40:04)

John from Biddeford, ME

John was a Time Warner Cable customer for nearly 15 years and he discovered that they were copy protecting everything that he was recording with his DVD recorder. Leo says that this is why Time Warner Cable and Comcast shouldn't be allowed to merge. Time Warner has a monopoly on TV in John's area, and an effective monopoly on the Internet.

Leo says if he has the option of going with another provider, he should. The more options, the better the competition, the less likely silliness like this happens. But they don't want competition and Leo says that it's likely that a competitor won't really appear since they lobby local cities to allow for only phone and cable monopolies. Their argument is that they lay all the cable and that's expensive. But Leo's not buyin' it.