What's the best gaming PC for $1500?

Episode 1174 (2:09:37)

Jonathan from Riverside, CA
Falcon Northwest

Jonathan is a gamer and he just discovered how much more powerful a PC is for gaming than consoles like the PS4 or XBox One. Leo says it's true. PCs can have more powerful processors in both CPU and graphics. There are better screens, and keyboards and mice are more accurate. If Jonathan is a hardcore gamer, PC is the way to go.

What about for $1500? Should he get a desktop or laptop? Leo says that laptops will cost him more for less because they're mobile. There are heat issues, too. Leo recommends getting a good tower, and for $1500, he can really load it up. He could go with AlienWare, but there are lesser known companies that make great machines for less including MainGear, Falcon Northwest, Doghouse Systems, and IBuyPower. Jonathan should check out TomsGuide.com. They have an article on best gaming PC for 2015.

What about servers? Leo recommends Steam and Blizzard. They're the best and most popular. He can also get into MMORPGs. We're just on the verge for great virtual reality experiences via gaming.