How can I get traffic to my self published book?

Episode 1174 (1:38:18)

Martin from Mesa, AZ

Martin has a book on Amazon Kindle and wants to know how he can generate more traffic to it. Is there software that does that? Leo says that Google would let him buy search terms, or "adwords." He also should have an affiliate link for his book on his website. But he should beware as a self publisher of being lured in by SEO firms. Leo doesn't like SEO firms because they make snake oil claims about putting you number one in the search results. He should ask himself if he's never used what they are offering, would anyone else?

Most people just use Google or Bing, and most just type in the Google search field. That should tell him something. Leo recommends checking out Guy Kawasaki's book - APE: The Book., and also How to Sell Books By The Truckload by Penny Sansevieri

Find Martin's book on Amazon here.