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Watch Scott from Laguna Woods, CA Comments

Scott wonders where Apple will be in five years since they're about to become a trillion dollar company. Leo says it's amazing considering Apple has had more than one life. They sell more iPhones in one week than they did computers in 6 years during the 80s.

Leo says that the iPhone has reached a point where it's very mature and the new growth area may likely be wearable computers like the Apple Watch. That may change things dramatically. But Apple is very good when it comes to pivoting.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay would like to replace his hard drive in his Mac Mini. What hard drive should he get, and where should he buy it? Leo says that these days, all hard drives are pretty much the same. Leo advises getting an SSD though. They're becoming quite resilient, are lasting longer, and the price is dropping.

If he's looking to get a spinning drive, Leo advises going to Other World Computing. They specialize in Apple replacement parts and even offer videos on how to do it.

Watch Jeff from Burbank, CA Comments

Jeff has about 50,000 email addresses and he wants to know if there's a script or app that can pull emails and send them information. Leo says that it depends on where the data is. Jeff says it's in Apple Mail. Leo says the best thing to do is export the data into a text file format. Once that's done, he can use scripting language like Pearl, Python or Ruby to search for the email and make a master list of them.

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Watch Abdiel from Rochester, NY Comments

Abdiel is having trouble updating his Nexus Player to Android 5.1. He gets a red triangle error. Leo says that over the air updates require more storage because it will need to expand and install the update. So he may need to restore the player before he can update it. If that doesn't work, it's possible that the OTA download is bad. Google has released the 5.1 image for download, so he should try that. Abdiel will also need something called "Fast Boot" on his machine.

The chatroom says that Google pulled the update because of bricking issues. So it may be Abield was lucky. They recommend using the Nexus Root Toolkit. He should check out XDA Developers on tips and tricks on how to root and install it.

Watch Tom from Calimesa, CA Comments

Tom has a Ford Focus and he's got My Ford Touch. Leo says that so many people complained about My Ford Touch, that Ford has abandoned it. How can he charge and sync his phone with it? Leo says he can not only do that, but he can update the software.

If he got the last update, that's probably the end of the line. Tom will want to be aware of the fact that cars with this kind of technology can be hacked, which is scary. He should check out Security Now episode 497.

Watch Dave from Venice Beach, CA Comments

Dave wants to know why he can't watch YouTube in higher resolutions through the PS3. He only gets 240. Leo says that's ugly. The issue could be bandwidth.

Dave may want to try using the YouTube app, and not the browser. He can download the YouTube App from the Sony Playstation store. That will always do better than the browser.

Watch Brent from Hamburg, PA Comments

Brent has an Acer Iconia tablet and it's starting to freeze up when watching movies. Leo says if you can update it to the latest version of Android, that would be a good idea. Another idea would be to go into backup/reset settings and restore it to the original settings. Sometimes that helps with issues by starting from scratch. Just make sure you have enough space. Clear out the cache.

Watch Andrew from Murietta, CA Comments

Andrew is going to be doing a non-profit concert soon and wants to know the best online ticket broker to sell tickets through. H-Bomb says that Brown Paper offers ticket sales for non profits as well as others. There's also Ticket Fly that will also help with promotion. Leo says that's a great idea.

Andrews concert is Night of Hope, for - Orphanages around the world.

Watch Clay from Highland, CA Comments

Clay is ripping old VHS tapes using a program by Roxio. But his file sizes are huge. Leo says he can change the settings to capture at a lower quality, but Leo doesn't recommend doing that. Clay should just transcode it to a smaller file size.

Leo recommends Handbrake.

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Watch Mike from San Diego, CA Comments

Dave has seen a website that promises upgraded Lithium Ion batteries for better safety and to increase battery life. Leo says that once he sees a study that verifies the claims, he'll buy into it. Leo has seen a lot of promises on the internet over the years and very little in the way of delivery. It's definitely something that users want, but the proof is in the pudding.

Watch Nancy from Redding, PA Comments

Nancy wants to know how to keep a thread straight on Gmail. If she deletes an email, she deletes the thread? Leo says it depends on settings, but it's called "conversation view." Nancy can turn the threading off if she wants. This article on Lifehacker shows how to delete a reply in a thread. This may be different in the iPad, though.

Leo suggests expanding all threads and then see if she can delete individual ones. Leo doesn't like threading because it's so confusing for issues like this -- especially on the iPad. Nancy should turn off the "Optimize by Thread" setting in the iPad's Gmail settings. That will make it much easier to wade through.

Watch Fabio from Santa Cruz, Bolivia Comments

Fabio has moved out of the country and he still wants to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. He can't watch directly because they block him, and VPNs are just too slow. What about SmartDNS? Leo says a Proxy Server fools Netflix and Hulu into thinking he's from the US. It's also a violation of the terms of service of Netflix, though. Both VPNs and Proxy Servers are illegal, unfortunately.

Watch Roy from Denver, CO Comments

Roy bought Windows 7 for his new laptop. He hears that he will be able to upgrade to Windows 10, but why would he do that since he walked away from Windows 8? Leo says that Microsoft has made a lot of fixes to Windows that make it more like what it was before Windows 8's radical redesign. Users with Windows 7 and 8 will be able to upgrade for free. Leo says that Windows 10, which he has been using, has made major strides. That being said, he shouldn't feel the need to upgrade right away. He can wait a few months after it launches.