Hacker Exploits All Browsers, Wins Cash and Prizes

Episode 1172 (02:08)

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In the latest "Pwn2Own" hacking competition, a Korean hacker was able to crack secured versions of all the latest browsers. He not only took home a quarter million dollars, but also the laptops that the browsers and operating systems were installed on. Leo says that all these hackers save up exploits all year long in order to Pwn2Own. And a lone security researcher was able to own IE11, Chrome, and Safari, and he took the whole thing. All the browsers were 64 bit too. This was the largest payout in the history of the competition.

Leo says that companies who are concerned about these flaws are funding competitions like this. Leo understands the idea, but he's not sure it's a wise one, since they find and keep the exploits without telling anyone. Meanwhile, Adobe Reader and Flash player were hacked as well. There were 5 flaws in Windows, 4 flaws in I.E. 11, 2 in Safari and 1 in OS X.