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Watch Paul from West Covina, CA Comments

Paul recently bought an iPhone and the passcode has suddenly stopped working. Leo says that a full restore can solve the issue. He can connect it to a computer and then go into iTunes. But he may need to go into something called "DFU mode." This is a more serious reset of the phone. Paul should search YouTube for DFU and see how it's done.

Watch Elizabeth from Venicia, CA Comments

Elizabeth got an email from her friend that included suspicious links, and she's wondering if his email account was spoofed. She looked in the header, but didn't see anything. How can she find out if it was spoofed? Leo says the tale is the CCs. They would only be able to put so many addresses in a field, and if they are using multiple fields, then she'll know the person has cracked the account. Yahoo has always had security issues. So the account has been hacked and there's all kinds of ways to do it. First thing to do is change the password, and make it a difficult one. Leo also recommends using Two Factor authentication whenever possible as well.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete has a 2013 Mac Pro and he's trying to dual boot in Windows with BootCamp, but it won't work. Leo says it's probably a driver issue. When using BootCamp, it loads Apple's drivers. If the drivers are bad, then the OS can't talk to the hardware. So if Apple doesn't have drivers for his version of Windows, he's out of luck.

Running Windows virtually is another story. A virtual app like Parallels can act as a middle man that 'tricks' the OS into believing it's a Windows machine.

Apple has a support page for BootCamp to show what it supports. Pete should go to the Apple support site and download the right version of BootCamp, then Windows 8 64 bit. He should update everything as well.

Watch Shell from West Covina, CA Comments

Shell is looking at the GoPro Hero 4 and wonders what the difference is between the silver and the black edition. Which one should she buy? Leo says that the black model does 30fps 4K video. It's the fastest. There are other features as well. The silver offers an LCD screen, which the black doesn't. So it really comes down to what Shell wants.

Here's a chart to give her a breakdown of all the differences of GoPro cameras and the prices for each.

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Watch Archie from Hawthorne, CA Comments

Archie has a Wi-Fi router and has connected his Roku, but he's not getting good enough reception and it buffers a lot. Leo says the farther the router is from the Roku, the less connection can be made. But Leo also suspects that the router isn't giving Archie as much bandwidth as he needs. It could be due to congestion.

If his router supports the 5 GHz band, it's a much better choice for streaming. He can also take the old router and put it in bridge mode and use it as a repeater to pass along the signal.

Watch Cathy from La Verne, CA Comments

Cathy is having a problem with Internet Explorer crashing. Leo says that if that's the problem, chances are there's something system wide happening. Leo advises resetting the browser to see if that fixes it. She can go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset.

Cathy could also reinstall it, and Microsoft has information on how to do that here.

Another issue could be toolbars. If her antivirus has a tool bar, that may be what's causing it to crash. Leo isn't a fan of antivirus tool bars. But there are other browser options, like Google Chrome, which is sandboxed and has Flash built-in. It's far more secure and up to date.

Leo also suggests uninstalling Norton. She can use their uninstaller. She should rely on Windows Defender instead. She already has it, and it's free.

Watch Rick from Placerville, CA Comments

Rick wants to know if he could use a Bluetooth receiver to stream music from his computer upstairs to his internet radio downstairs. Leo says probably not. Bluetooth is only 30' and it probably won't go through the floor. There would also be lag issues. That's why Leo uses Sonos to do this, and it works great because it uses DNLA.

The Logitech Squeezebox should do the job. If he's willing to use iTunes, he could AirPlay to an Apple TV downstairs that's connected to his stereo system. It would work via Wi-Fi. Miracast is another option. He'd just need the right receiver downstairs.

The chatroom suggested using AirFoil from Rogue Amoeba.

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Watch Nuris from California Comments

Nuris has an Alcatel phone and her mom is getting weird texts. Leo says that it sounds like someone else is texting her, and it could easily be someone texting the wrong number. Leo has a hunch that T-Mobile has crossed a few wires, and they'll need to fix it.

Watch Les from United Kingdom Comments

Les is interested in Touch ID and how it can be used with laptops. Why hasn't Apple integrated this into computers yet? Leo says that Touch ID is a great new feature in the iPhone, and a better fingerprint reader is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S6 too. But if Apple doesn't see a market for it on a computer, they won't offer it. But if they notice others doing it, then Apple will swoop in and do it better.

Some are using the Knock app, but Leo's had mixed results with it. The chatroom says the Mac ID app will do it.

Watch Charles from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Charles has an Asus laptop with Windows 8.1 and wants to know how to color calibrate it. He knows there are utilities on the computer to do it, but which setting should he use when watching Netflix? Leo says that they all essentially do the same thing. If he uses a monitor with a descent color profile, Windows will get it pretty close.

If he's a photographer, he may need to create his own color profile to get the colors he's looking for. That involves a calibrator. Charles should just make sure he has it set for the correct monitor, and that's all he will have to do.

Watch Jan from Placerville, CA Comments

Jan has a friend who is a model and she's had some embarrassing private photos appear on the net. Leo says that could fall under the revenge porn law, and it could allow her to prosecute them. Most reliable places will take the images down if they had been contacted. If she's having trouble getting them taken down, the sites may be outside the US and it's hard to prosecute across international borders. But in time, that will change.

The chatroom says to go up the chain to the domain registrar or hosting company and approach them for pulling it off. Unfortunately, there are jerks out there and they revel in it.

Watch Lucy from Torrance, CA Comments

Lucy is having trouble with Chrome and she's tried to remove it, but can't. Leo says it's probably gone into "metro mode." If she sees the hamburger menu of four lines, click on that and she should get out of it. It may also be the sign of an infection that has modified the browser. She should try pressing F11. That will take it out of full screen mode. At that point, she should be able to close it. CTRL-ALT-Delete will work as well.

Lucy should reboot, and tap the F8 key to get into safe mode. Then she should be able to uninstall Chrome from 'Programs and Features.' If she can't close it, that's almost always a sign of malware, like a browser hijacker. And a poorly written one at that. Lucy should check out to learn tips for avoiding malware, even though she has malware. Antivirus won't protect her from herself if she isn't being careful.