What 40" TV is best for displaying photos with accurate color reproduction?

Episode 1171 (13:40)

Tim from La Crescenta, CA
Vizio E-Series 42" TV

Tim wants to know what 40" TV is best for color reproduction with photography. Leo says that the Sony Grand Vega was the top of the line back in the analog days. Leo says that he'd go bigger if he can. Bigger is always more immersive and more realistic. But in the 40" range, he can get one for under $300.

Leo likes Samsung backlit LED LCD TVs. Full array LEDs with local dimming would be the most accurate color wise. The Vizio E320B2 is a good option as well. Visio would give him a lot of bang for his buck. The E420 is is a 42" model.

Does tim need a SmartTV? Leo says that most of them are smart now. LG is also very good.