Johnny Jet

Episode 1171 (57:50)

Johnny is still in Austin for South by Southwest, and his first app this week is called Meerkat, the live social video app that launched at SouthBy which Johnny thinks is awesome. It allows you to live stream whatever you're doing and plug it on twitter. Leo says that there have been others that have done this, like Qik, but Meerkat is really easy because people follow you via Twitter and they can comment while you're talking. It's a great way to publicize events. You can even create your own mobile TV network by Meerkating. Leo says it could be a huge issue at live events like concerts and athletic events where people are Meerkating the experience. But it is stuck in Portrait mode, so people may just consider it an oddity. You can save it locally, but it self destructs after a new hours. You can follow JohnnyJet on Meerkat through Twitter @JohnnyJet.

Johnny Jet's website of the day is Google owns ITA software, which is a great search engine for flights. Google has turned it up to eleven by adding several features. Leo likes the pricing graph which shows the history of flight fares over the week and months. Cheapest days to fly - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays.