How good are cheap Bluetooth receivers?

Episode 1171 (1:30:11)

Laurie from Maui, HI
AmazonBasics Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

Laurie wants to stream music from her iPhone or iPad and she has a ton of music on a hard drive. How can she connect the two and create a streaming audio solution through surround sound? Can she add a Bluetooth receiver to her surround sound system? She uses a Panasonic Home Theater in a Box.

Leo says one option is a $25 Bluetooth Audio Receiver that she can get from Amazon. Leo wouldn't spend more than that. Make sure it uses A2DP, which is stereo Bluetooth.

Would an AppleTV work as well, and then Airplay it? Leo says that would work as well and she could connect it to her HTIB and get a nice interface for it to control. That would be a great solution.