How can I get video off of an old flip phone?

Episode 1171 (1:21:04)

Mark from Albany, OR

Mark has a bunch of old phones, including one from Cingular which has a very important video clip on it. How can he get it off? Could he just hold up another phone and playback and recapture it? Leo says it won't be ideal, but it's a good stopgap measure. The Bluetooth standard is so old on that phone that it can't pair with anything. It wouldn't help anyway, since it didn't support Bluetooth back then.

There was some software called BITPIM that would connect a flip phone to a computer and browse through it via USB. It was very funky, but it did work. Great save by the chatroom!

Mark will also need something that can playback the old format, though, which is 3PG. And it wasn't all that great. Handbrake can convert that video, though.