Drones May Look Like Fun, But They're Tougher to Fly Than You Think

Episode 1171 (03:12)

Parrot AR BeBop Drone

Leo says he's really interested in Drones because they're one of the fastest growing technology categories out there, but they are extremely difficult to fly. Still, at the behest of PadreSJ, Leo bought a $40 Syma QuadCopter because it was cheap and if he crashed it, nobody would really get hurt. And in 10 seconds, it disappeared. That was his first experience.

His next drone was the Parrot AR BePop. It's GPS guided, has a great camera, and will fly back to you at the touch of a button. You can control it with your iPhone, or for an extra $400, you can get the controller. First time he flew it, he crashed it. So drones really aren't that easy to fly, but they sure are fun.