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Watch Marsha from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Marsha would like to sync Outlook with Google Calendar so she can sync with her Android phone. Leo says that Google used to have AppSync, but they discontinued it. There are third party apps Marsha could use though:

The idea of these apps is to sync her Outlook with Google, then her phone will pull that data from Google.

Watch Tim from La Crescenta, CA Comments

Tim wants to know what 40" TV is best for color reproduction with photography. Leo says that the Sony Grand Vega was the top of the line back in the analog days. Leo says that he'd go bigger if he can. Bigger is always more immersive and more realistic. But in the 40" range, he can get one for under $300.

Leo likes Samsung backlit LED LCD TVs. Full array LEDs with local dimming would be the most accurate color wise. The Vizio E320B2 is a good option as well. Visio would give him a lot of bang for his buck. The E420 is is a 42" model.

Does tim need a SmartTV? Leo says that most of them are smart now. LG is also very good.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete found an iPhone on the road and it's locked. How can he track down the owner and get it back to them? Leo says that there really isn't much he can do other than file a 'found phone' report. He could interact with Siri and see if he can get information from her. In fact, he can use Siri to return it, according to 9to5Mac. But if Siri has been disabled, there really isn't a lot he can do. He could also contact Apple. Maybe they can help. But outside of that, not much else can be done, especially if a kill switch has been deployed.

Watch Gail from Canyon Lake, TX Comments

Gail wants to know how many paired devices she can use with her Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Leo says there is a limit and if she wants to start over, she can reset it. Leo also says to check if the Bluetooth has been disabled. She could try resetting it, and restart the phone as well.

Watch Ed from California Comments

Ed is seeing the handwriting on the wall pertaining to a cashless society. He is looking to get an LG Tablet, which he will avoid using for any kind of commerce. Is that a good computer for him? Leo says it'll get the job done. And at $130, its' a great choice, as is the Chromebook.

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Watch Eric from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Eric wants to play with the Windows 10 beta edition. Leo says it's very early and not complete, and it's not something he'd want use as his daily driver. Eric was thinking of putting it on a USB key and booting from that. Leo says that's a good idea.

To download it, he can sign up at He can then download it and give it a try. But remember, it's very, very early.

Watch Bill from Tarzana, CA Comments

Bill has a drive with 4 partitions, two of which he can't release. Leo says that those may have Windows on them to restore it if he needs it. If he has his own copy, he may be able to do it. Leo advises backing it up first. Then he can try and put the recovery partition at the end of the drive, and try to adjust the partition. Here are some tools that will help Bill manage his partitions:

  • GPartEd
    This is an open source partition editor, but he'd really need to know what he's doing.
  • Acronis True Image
    This is easier to use, but he'll have to pay for it.
  • Partition Wizard
  • EaseUS
    The chatroom recommended this as another option.
Watch Richard from Tukaho, NY Comments

Richard is trying to archive photos and he needs a good workflow. Can Leo make any suggestions? Leo says that if he's bought some storage on iCloud, that's not a bad option. Flickr is also a good way to go, which would gives him 1TB of storage space for free. What Leo does, however, is use a technique called 3-2-1 back up. It's based on The DAM Book by Peter Krogh. Check out for tips on how to manage digital assets.

Here's Leo's workflow: He takes pictures, then offloads them to his computer, syncing via itunes. Leo then goes into Lightroom and takes a look at them, deciding what to keep. He keeps three copies of everything.

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Watch Mark from Albany, OR Comments

Mark has a bunch of old phones, including one from Cingular which has a very important video clip on it. How can he get it off? Could he just hold up another phone and playback and recapture it? Leo says it won't be ideal, but it's a good stopgap measure. The Bluetooth standard is so old on that phone that it can't pair with anything. It wouldn't help anyway, since it didn't support Bluetooth back then.

There was some software called BITPIM that would connect a flip phone to a computer and browse through it via USB. It was very funky, but it did work. Great save by the chatroom!

Mark will also need something that can playback the old format, though, which is 3PG. And it wasn't all that great. Handbrake can convert that video, though.

Watch Laurie from Maui, HI Comments

Laurie wants to stream music from her iPhone or iPad and she has a ton of music on a hard drive. How can she connect the two and create a streaming audio solution through surround sound? Can she add a Bluetooth receiver to her surround sound system? She uses a Panasonic Home Theater in a Box.

Leo says one option is a $25 Bluetooth Audio Receiver that she can get from Amazon. Leo wouldn't spend more than that. Make sure it uses A2DP, which is stereo Bluetooth.

Would an AppleTV work as well, and then Airplay it? Leo says that would work as well and she could connect it to her HTIB and get a nice interface for it to control. That would be a great solution.

Watch Todd from Fredonia, NY Comments

Mark is looking for a good Bluetooth keyboard for his iPad Air and his smaller Android tablet. Leo says it would work with both, but he'll want to be sure he gets one that has a slot, and not one that doubles as a case. Microsoft makes a folding one that gets really tiny and expands. It's called the Universal Foldable Keyboard, and it's $100 list.

Leo recommends checking out The Wirecutter for tips and reviews.

Logitech's Easy Switch is a good one with great keys and good battery life. Another good choice is the Amigo, which he can learn more about at

Watch Todd from Fredonia, NY Comments

Leo says that FreedomPop claims to be free. But that may not be accurate. If he's wanting one for a conference, he could have issues because everyone is connecting.

Leo says to check out Walmart's Straight Talk. Someone in the chatroom suggested Page Plus Cellular, which uses Verizon's network.

Watch Fred from Long Beach, CA Comments

Fred got a MyCloud hard drive as a gift. Is that a good external hard drive? Leo says yes, but he should make sure he connects it via Ethernet to the computer. He can also use it as his cloud based hotspot.

If Fred just wants a large external hard drive, Leo recommends trading this MyCloud drive in for that instead. For the same price, he should be able to get twice the storage, and they'd be faster as well.