Should I worry about my internet getting shut off due to piracy?

Episode 1170 (2:24:26)

Ben from Stanford, NC

Ben got an email about a notice of copyright infringement for illegally downloading a song. Leo says that the way that it works these days -- ISPs don't give out his information, but they will send a letter and warn you not to download music illegally. They work on a six strike rule and after that, his account could get cancelled.

Leo says if this is the first violation, he's not going to get his internet account cancelled. He should just turn off the bittorrent client, not do it again, and he should be in the clear. If they ask for money, however, don't send it to them! If that's the case, it's most likely a hoax.

The chatroom says that Digital Rights Corp is a snitch that's trying to shake him down for the cash or they'll tattle on him.